380EVO conversion kit yellow MSH41202-1

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  • 380EVO conversion kit yellow MSH41202-1

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This is conversion kit for xl380 to 380evo.
MSH41182 Magnet canopy support Kit
MSH41178 Tail control rod
MSH41172 Vertical fin
MSH41168 Tail pitch lever
MSH41167 Tail pitch support
MSH41166 Guide pulley
MSH41165 Tail box cover with BB
MSH41162 Tail box
MSH41197 Rear aluminium magnet canopy support
MSH41202 Conversion evoluzione 380
MSH41153 Spring belt tensioner
MSH41151 Carbon main frame set
MSH41143 Frame central plate
MSH41142 Belt tensioner
MSH41212 Screws support spring