XL70K03 XL700 Specter700 Combo

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  • XL70K03 XL700 Specter700 Combo

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•XLPOWER 700 Kit Set*1

RT Main Blades 690mm*1

XLPower Tail Blades 105mm*1

Egodrift 4530motor*1

•Hobbywing 200A V4.1 ESC*1

All Upgrade Parts(XL70B40,XL70B29-2,XL70B38,XL70T21-1,XL70T01-1,XL70B42,XL70B09-2


Lenght:                        1300mm
Height:                        376mm
Width:                         134mm
Main blade size:               685mm - 716mm
Tail blade size:               105mm - 115mm
Motor pinion:                  11t included;10t,12t optional
Main gear:                     106t
Tail pinion:                   17t
Autorotation gear:             80t
Main to tail gear ratio:       4.7
RTF weight:                    4900g - 5300g
Main shaft diameter:           15mm
Feathering shaft diameter:     10mm
Tail boom diamater:            27mm
Battery tray size:             350mm*66mm*70mm(12s-14s)