XL52M01 4020-1100kv Motor

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  • XL52M01 4020-1100kv Motor

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Stator Diameter 40mm
Stator Thickness 20mm
No.of Stator Arms 12
Magent Poles 10
Motor Wind 4.5T/△
Motor Wire 12x0.42mm
Motor Kv 1100
No-Load current(Io/10v) 3.9A
Motor Resistance(RM) 0.0095 Ohms
Max Continuous Current 85A
Max Continuous Power 1880W
Weight 268g
Outside Diameter 49mm
Shaft Diameter 5mm
Body Length 45mm
Overall Shaft Length 66.5mm
Max Lipo Cell 6s
Peak Current 100A/5s
Peak Continuous Power 2020W