IRCHA Jamboree Wonderful review

IRCHA Jamboree


The International Radio Controlled Helicopter Association (IRCHA) was established as an organization by the pilots, for the pilots.

At 8.02-8.07 in 2017, the IRCHA was held in muncie, USA, and XLPower has the honor of being one of the sponsors, making a journey and making new model friends.

About to start|America, here we come~

Came to the United States and had to go to fashion capital---New York

We walked all the way...

The roadside scenery is beautiful

New York

Americans call New York "The City",because she has many world-famous museums and restaurants,

exciting attractions, colorful entertainment, and unparalleled shopping places. New York is the center of

American culture, art, music and publishing. It has many museums, galleries, libraries, scientific research

institutions and art centers. In a word, New York does not mean everything in America, but everything

in America can be found in New York.

As one of the world's largest delicacy City, except the American favorite traditional hamburgers,

from various places around the world, rich and diverse types of delicacy, is really the chowhound's paradise.

Enjoy the delicious food and beautiful scenery in New York

And then we went to our destination——muncie

IRCHA Jamboree will hold a six-day event here

A former American friend flew the XLPower520 aircraft before the race

IRCHA activity begins!

Blue sky, white clouds, endless meadows

The empty space allows the mold friend to fly more freely and more freely

The location of each sponsor's booth, XLPower at E16!

Map of the circuit of each race

The match is going on in full swing

By the way, look at the booth at XLPOWER

As always, the festive Chinese wind is so dazzling

There are two planes to show

Can observe and produce fine detail in close range

And the sword flag flying with the wind

Then look at the other partners' booths...
FUTABA booth
A large receiver and a steering gear are in the eye
So big, it must be nice to use the KST buddies

And KST's friends come to our booth to have a group photo taken!

XLPower first came to IRCHA to participate in the event, but the Americans were friendly

and enthusiastic about joining us. Ronaldinho model before the booth, popular hot. It is

our pleasure to participate in this international activity, and we will continue to make

efforts to refuel and expand the international market!

All our international friends came to our booth to exchange and cooperate with each

other. We also made many friends who liked the model aircraft and left a group photo.

This is our agent in Muncie

The boss is handsome and young, and the people are very friendly and friendly

Open shop is 20 years old model shop oh~



Rakabun accepted a warm invitation from international friends

Shows a XLPower 520 demo performance video.

(Click on the video link

The event was coming to an end,

Enthusiasm of each model friend,

And the admiration for XLPower 520, the expectation of XLPower 700

Xiao luo held a lottery to support IRCHA

The winning model will get one of the XLPower 520

XLPOWER owner and designer raffles off the very helicopter he flew in the demo. Keep an eye on this helicopter. With the 700 coming out within a few months this is a brand sure to be in the mainstream heli market. Congratulations to the winner of the XLPOWER  570, Mike Goza won the helicopter.

( Click on the Draw Video link)

The lucky man was born——Mike Goza

Rakabun and the winner, Mike Goza, take a picture



Our activities at IRCHA are coming to an end

Made so many friends, exchange each other, make up for one's deficiencies

We got a full return trip

XLPower never forget the beginning

As always, the works will be presented to you